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Methods of payment on Rugby sHop

  • Payment by credit/debit card  credit/debit card (Carte Bleue, Visa / Electron, Mastercard, American Express) on-line or by phone ;
  • Pay by cheque  by cheque ;
  • Pay in several instalments, free of charge  in two or three instalments free of charge, by credit/debit card or by cheque depending on the amount of the order ;
  • Pay by bank transfer  by bank transfer (for all customers resident out of France) ;
  • Pay in store  in store.

Secure payment by credit/debit card

Your payment will only be debited once your order has left our warehouse.
You can be sure that when you pay, your order is on its way.

On-line payment is 100% secure.

Rugby sHop uses secure on-line payment services called PAYBOX SERVICES.
PAYBOX SERVICES are certified and approved by EGI Cartes Bancaires, VISA, on-line MASTERCARD and private issuers.
Naturally, PAYBOX SERVICES are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified by VISA and MASTERCARD. This certification is renewed each year, which ensures a highly secure and reliable platform.

Once you have confirmed your order, you will be automatically directed to the secure server of our payment partner PAYBOX SERVICES.

It uses the latest encryption and security techniques so that your shopping experience is as easy as possible.

At no time will your non-encrypted bank details circulate on the Web.

Your order is prepared immediately and dispateched within 24 hours following on-line payment by card, if the products are available.

Pay by cheque

All you need to do is send your cheque (including shipping costs) payable to RUGBY SHOP to the address below :

Your order will be prepared as soon as it is processed and put aside for 7 working days (from the registration date). Once your cheque is received and cashed, your order will be dispatched.
If no payment is made within this period, we will be forced to cancel your order and place the goods on sale again.

Pay in several instalments, free of charge

You can pay in 2 instalments free of charge by credit/debit card or by cheque if the total of your order is more than 99 € (including VAT).

You can pay in 3 instalments free of charge by credit/debit card or by cheque if the total of your order is more than 150 € (including VAT) or more.

Your payment will be processed differently depending on both methods of payment :

  • By credit/debit card : when you place your order, you only pay the first instalment. The second instalment will be debited after 1 month and the third after 2 months.
  • By cheque : all your cheques shall be sent at the same time. The first cheque will be cashed on dispatch, the second cheque after 1 month and the third after 2 months.

All these services are free of additional charges.

Pay by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is available (additionally to on-line secure payment) for clients resident in France (including French Overseas Departments and Territories), the Principality of Andorra, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Please use the following information to transfer the total amount of your order (including shipping costs) :

Account holder : RUGBY SHOP
Bank : Crédit Agricole
Registered address : GRENADE (31330)

Branch code : 13106
Sort code : 00500
Account number : 14556054151
Bank Identity Statement : 78

International Bank Account Number :
IBAN : FR76 1310 6005 0014 5560 5415 178

Remember to indicate your Full Name (First Name and Last Name), followed by your Customer Number and your Postcode in the bank transfer causality section.
For example : SMITH John - 470598 - 31140
On receipt, our teams will dispatch your processed order.

Pay in store

When you purchase a product for in-store collection, you can for the order on collection.
Cash, credit/debit card and cheques are accepted for local purchase.

Find out more about our shop : Click here

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